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A bit more about me and my writing. How long have I been writing for? For ever, really but for ten years  ‘creatively’. I did write various academic pieces while studying for an MA ten years ago, mainly about schools’ Interfaith teaching, as I was a teacher for more years than I admit to.

Then saw an ad. for a creative writing group and joined it. That did it. I was off. It was a great group and ended the term with a professional performance of our work.That boosted my confidences and at that time I wrote more poetry than prose. Still do, to an extent, but a very short story I wrote all those years ago is actually embedded in my novel.

Then I won a Play Writing’ competition. It was for a short playlet for radio. I based it around a poem I had written, kind of about mourning but called ‘Moving On’.  About how a woman couldn’t move house without being able to take with her, her husband’s old coats. It wasn’t maudlin really, and it was later broadcast on Salford radio. Wow! That amazed me. I haven’t written any more plays, but have added a couple of short stories to my list of publications together with the following poems.

Poetry published to date

Back in Touch Published in Spinewriters Online, 2009 ,The Last Dance Published in Never Bury Poetry2008/9 Eclipse Officially short listed by Mslexia, 2009 Rwanda Published in Never Bury Poetry 2008 The New Shoes Published in AJR Magazine 2008 The Eagle has Landed Published in Puppywolf’s ‘Best of Manchester Poets’Vol.2, 2011/12 The Reading Womb Shortlisted, final 20 in Salford university’s ‘Write North West’ Competition March 2012 Awaiting result Altered ego Published by Never Bury Poetry issue:72, 2009/10 The Manchester Metroline Published in ‘Rainy City Stories’ online collection: Manchester Literature festival 2009 Manchester Caviar Shortlisted in final 20 Salford University’s ‘Write North West’ Competition 2012 Out Patients Published by Fire Magazine, Oxon., Ed Jeremy Hilton Recreation Published in Never Bury Poetry Issue 74  2010/11

Auntie Jo Published 2008 in Fire, ibid. We never Knew Published by Never Bury Poetry issue76  2012
















































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