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When you bake your best cake and no one eats it

January 15, 2015
So it’s finally here – the publication of ‘Not in our Hands ‘. To me, it seems to have been around for so long that I’ve kind of lost touch with the excitement I should feel.
I did a local radio interview on Monday night which was great and got me thinking again about how I came to write this book. The interviewer asked me how I got under the skin of a 22 year old male and I can honestly say I didn’t think about it! He just came to me grown up from The Purple Rose. How effectively I’ve captured a young man’s voice is up to my readers of course but he doesn’t feel contrived to me. You can listen to the interview here for as long as the link stays live!  (scroll to Mon 12th Jan, Jewish Hour and I am at about 15 minutes in). I will certainly be using a quote from Jeff the interviewer in promotion;
“One of the joys of the latest book is the sense we get of the lovely Umbrian scenery and Italian food… It’s a great book; I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
I’d welcome feedback from any readers particularly on Goodreads and Amazon where both my novels are available. Although this brings it’s own anxieties, what will people say? Will they be congratulatory, cruel or constructive?
I need people to read and enjoy it…just for now it’s like when you bake your best cake and no one eats it.
So , readers out there, buy a copy, light the fire, snuggle up in a onesie with a hot drink and bury yourself in the novel, in the warmth and beauty of Italian sunshine, scenery and cuisine. Join Jake and friends as they adapt to new surroundings & experiences while studying in Umbria & Tuscany. And let me know – does it remind you of being 22 like them? Independent but not quite; in touch with your identity – or maybe not. Knowing how to handle falling in love?
Read and enjoy!

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