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WoW is the best word!

April 19, 2015

Well, it’s the best word to describe what’s been happening and what is about to happen to my life with my second novel, ‘Not in our Hands’. It’s been a while since I had a minute to update this, partly because I’ve been giving book talks or launches almost every week, interrupted by the break for both Pesach, Easter and a short holiday away.

But now I’m ready to start again, with talks to groups and most excitingly at the WoW festival in Liverpool (as in: Writing on the Wall) and at the Northwich Lit Fest. In Liverpool why not come down to the Siren Cafe on St James’ Street  on Wednesday May 13th, at 6 pm? The session is called ‘Jewish Threads‘ when I and Anita Canter will be in conversation with Publisher Helen Sandler and reading extracts from our books (mine being fiction, Anita’s memoir). It should be fun.

I’m giving two more talks to book groups later in May and then on Tuesday June 2nd, at 7.30pm I’ll be appearing with my book (s) at Sandiway Library as part of the Northwich Literature Festival. The most helpful organiser and author, Susi Osborne will be there too, on that evening.

On both these occasions I’ll be talking about both books,The Purple Rose and ‘Not in our Hands’, for those as yet unfamiliar with my writing.

And then? Two London spots. One, a book reading circle at Emunah House in Hendon on June 21st and the night before,another very special private one organised by my wonderful daughters-in-law. June 30th sees another talk to a Manchester book circle, then it quietens down till an Autumn booking. Or maybe it won’t! The books are readily available even if stores don’t have them in stock the day you want…Liverpool Waterstones will be stocking them ready for WoW! And the eBook is out there too.

And that’s it. The future of the book is, of course ‘not in my hands’, but in yours. So, dear readers, keep the reviews coming on Amazon  or write it up on Goodreads…  – why not?


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