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The Purple Rose

April 21, 2012

Are you interested in : The women’s suffrage movement, marital conflict, Jewish life in 20th & 21st century Manchester (UK),experiences of the Kindertransports, teenage angst?  It’s all there, in The Purple Rose, the title of my about-to-be-published novel and here’s the final cover…I’m a beginner in the blog world so forgive any slip ups along the way.

Have you ever felt that a liberated woman is never actually free?

Well it’s the rose that holds the story of 100 years of  women’s history (and Manchester Jewish  life)  in its petals..or maybe in its thorns.

 Then read the novel. If you don’t like paying over the internet, email an order by printing off and filling in the following

order form below. One book costs £10 incl postage. Further books cost £8.99 each with no extra postage cost

It’s due out mid July 2012, at £8.99 and there will be an ebook  as well.

Click to Purchase the Purple Rose (paperback)
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Published by 


                          I should like one copy of The Purple Rose @ £10 including postage and enclose a cheque


  Two copies will cost £18.99 ( £10 plus £8.99 but with no further postage charge)


                       I enclose a cheque made out to Charlotte Gringras for the appropriate amount and my name and address are as follows:



                          Please send the order to me at 1,Groby Place Altrincham Cheshire WA 14 4AL



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  1. Polly permalink

    Love the cover and am looking forward to reading the poem. Interestingly I’m doing a project for the paper regarding the Pankhurst – so lots to talk about?

  2. Alison permalink

    I look forward to seeing your blog develop.

  3. Jenny permalink

    Look forward to reading your story – if the cover is anything to go by I am expecting something very special – and, of course, I am sure I won’t be disappointed. Jen

  4. Marcelle Abrams permalink

    Looking forward to reading the book. Good luck. Really enjoyed poem about Grandpa, What an amazing woman your Grandma was. With lots of Love Marcelle XXX

  5. fab Char–really lovely xxxxxx Fay

  6. Jenny permalink

    Well done! Wishing you every success. Look forward to reading your book. Jenny B

  7. sandra permalink

    so interesting to read about your grandparents – a long ago culture. thanks.

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