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August 27, 2012

Reviews: July/August 2012

I’m really enjoying “The Purple Rose”. Love the way you write. Very true to life, Lots of surprising twists and turns also.

Enjoyed your novel very much –  finished reading it yesterday on the train.  Interesting characters, events keep you wanting to know what happens, dialogue lively and engaging – really good read! Impressive achievement.

A great debut novel. History weaves its way through a fascinating and unpredictable narrative. If you are from Manchester this is compulsory reading-if you are not this is still compulsory reading and yesterday hit a New York book club list!

5.0 out of 5 stars Purple Rose, 16 Aug 2012

This review is from: The Purple Rose (Kindle Edition)

This summer, lots of people have told me that The Purple Rose is a ‘must read’. Apparently, it’s the author’s first novel. So I bought it and – I was hooked immediately. The characters, plot, setting and really lively dialogue keep you involved. It’s about an engaging Jewish family, which adds interest and conflict. I love seeing how other people live. The present day story line of a crumbling marriage, Jewish or not, seems really true to life, with lots of twists and turns. There’s a great portrayal of a teenage lad and also of a deceased relative whose letters tell of her life as a suffragette . Charlotte Gringras’s book criss-crosses generations, always asking whether a liberated woman is ever truly free. Even at the end, I wasn’t too sure; read it and see for yourself. A great first novel

4.0 out of 5 stars Read it Twice!, 26 Aug 2012

A New Fan (UK)

This review is from: The Purple Rose (Paperback)

A fascinating story about three generations of feisty women. Has interest for people who know Manchester and how it has changed and also lots of facts and opinion about how Jewish life has it’s own problems. Great characters, even goes back to a suffragette past. Hard to put down, a great first novel.

4.0 out of 5 stars The Purple Rose, 27 Aug 2012

Once started I couldn’t put the book down.


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