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Novel News!

Good news still coming!

A London Launch of The Purple Rose will take place at DAUNT BOOKS, HAMPSTEAD, on July 10th , 6.30-8.30 Exciting or what? It will almost be almost  the novel’s first birthday, yet interest in it has burgeoned lately  – which is, of course, great! And Salford City radio has invited me on their Jewish Hour on July 1st between 7-8pm, 94.4 FM; that’s specially good, since my play ‘Moving On’ was broadcast on the station, a couple of years ago.What else? Two more poems published, this time in Write North West – I love to be connected to local productions.that’s it for now.


Good news all round

Had such great and surprising episodes through The Purple Rose and I’ve had so much to do that I quite forget to keep this blog up to date! I took the plunge and went for a 2nd print run in January  so in between stuff to do with the novel, I had a poem published in this years’ Best of Manchester Poets by Puppywolf and, at the launch reading, a woman I vaguely recognised came up and asked to buy the book. I had no copies on me then, but the result of that meeting was that she read the book and recommended it to her reading circle,who invited me to come and talk to them.

How good is that? I’m going to speak to five other groups in Manchester and a church women’s group in Cheshire. Of course it’s lovely to talk about it and about the writing of it but the most fascinating experience (apart from the Radio Manchester interview) was when I dragged my husband out with me to Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire (on a day when it had just stopped snowing). Lyndsey Noden, owner of the new book shop there called ‘Reading Matters‘ fell in love with the book and laid on a cheese and wine evening where I spoke, signed the book and, most important of all, met the owner’s 90 year old mother.A sprightly woman who, on reading the book, told Lyndsey about her job ,way back,as a youngster at a Jewish owned factory where she learnt a lot about Jewish life. She experienced so much  nostalgia which The Purple Rose brought to her- but also shared these memories with her daughter as a result.

What else  Oh yes. Just heard that a local library specifically recommended it to someone I know. What a thrill that was. And of course I am still turning out articles on Judaism for the local newspaper, The Messenger, on behalf of the Interfaith Group.It’s quite a different thing to do but I enjoy it; I think I’ve had 6 pieces in so far. that’s it for now.

Book update

Just to tell you all about interest in ‘ The Purple Rose’. It’s been an exciting time with its being featured in ‘The Manchester Evening News’, ‘JLife’ Magazine,’ High Flyer’ Magazine and I was invited to Radio Manchester for a live interview, last month.That was such fun, not least seeing the new, northern BBC in operation – what an impressive addition to the Salford Quays area. Last month I had to order a second print run (I ran out of hard copies, tho it’s still out there on Kindle, of course) so I am adding many more talks to my diary.

I’ve given about half a dozen talks so far to book groups,  social groups who are interested in books, and at Limmud, a major cultural conference over Christmas week. Any book circle wanting a talk will be offered a big discount on a group purchase order from me: email me on .I can travel anywhere around the North West, or in North London (by arrangement) and can talk on writing itself,  the origins of the novel and also any Jewish aspects of the novel in which may be interesting or puzzling.

So get in touch!

Reviews: July/August 2012

I’m really enjoying “The Purple Rose”. Love the way you write. Very true to life, Lots of surprising twists and turns also.

Enjoyed your novel very much –  finished reading it yesterday on the train.  Interesting characters, events keep you wanting to know what happens, dialogue lively and engaging – really good read! Impressive achievement.

A great debut novel. History weaves its way through a fascinating and unpredictable narrative. If you are from Manchester this is compulsory reading-if you are not this is still compulsory reading and yesterday hit a New York book club list!

5.0 out of 5 stars Purple Rose, 16 Aug 2012

This review is from: The Purple Rose (Kindle Edition)

This summer, lots of people have told me that The Purple Rose is a ‘must read’. Apparently, it’s the author’s first novel. So I bought it and – I was hooked immediately. The characters, plot, setting and really lively dialogue keep you involved. It’s about an engaging Jewish family, which adds interest and conflict. I love seeing how other people live. The present day story line of a crumbling marriage, Jewish or not, seems really true to life, with lots of twists and turns. There’s a great portrayal of a teenage lad and also of a deceased relative whose letters tell of her life as a suffragette . Charlotte Gringras’s book criss-crosses generations, always asking whether a liberated woman is ever truly free. Even at the end, I wasn’t too sure; read it and see for yourself. A great first novel

4.0 out of 5 stars Read it Twice!, 26 Aug 2012

A New Fan (UK)

This review is from: The Purple Rose (Paperback)

A fascinating story about three generations of feisty women. Has interest for people who know Manchester and how it has changed and also lots of facts and opinion about how Jewish life has it’s own problems. Great characters, even goes back to a suffragette past. Hard to put down, a great first novel.

4.0 out of 5 stars The Purple Rose, 27 Aug 2012

Once started I couldn’t put the book down.

The Purple Rose

Are you interested in : The women’s suffrage movement, marital conflict, Jewish life in 20th & 21st century Manchester (UK),experiences of the Kindertransports, teenage angst?  It’s all there, in The Purple Rose, the title of my about-to-be-published novel and here’s the final cover…I’m a beginner in the blog world so forgive any slip ups along the way.

Have you ever felt that a liberated woman is never actually free?

Well it’s the rose that holds the story of 100 years of  women’s history (and Manchester Jewish  life)  in its petals..or maybe in its thorns.

 Then read the novel. If you don’t like paying over the internet, email an order by printing off and filling in the following

order form below. One book costs £10 incl postage. Further books cost £8.99 each with no extra postage cost

It’s due out mid July 2012, at £8.99 and there will be an ebook  as well.

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